about polaroidWelcome to HOUSEPLANTHOUSE, a site created to document and share my love of houseplants.

Living in a flat with very little outside space, I started finding ways to bring plants into my home. Aside from keeping a small herb ‘garden’ on my balcony, I found myself forming a collection of indoor plants that have slowly found themselves into all areas of my living space.

That was a few years ago, and when I recently found myself popping to the shop to buy a bottle of milk, and leaving with milk… plus a cactus, I realised I have a more-than-average appreciation of all things green.

I am passionate about design and my interior decor is largely mid-century, which works especially well with indoor greenery. There is something about the rich teak hue of modernist furniture that complements viridescent foliage so well. Plants that epitomise this era such as the spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) and the sculptural monstera deliciosa, the swiss cheese plant, have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years for good reason. Furthermore, cacti and succulents are more popular than ever and offer an easy starting point into the world of houseplants.

For fellow houseplant enthusiasts, this site shares my ever-growing collection through photography, design and illustration whilst offering useful plant information and care tips. I hope you enjoy looking around.



Posted by:Laura HPH

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