This is the second jade plant I have – it’s in a sunnier position to my other plant and it’s grown quite differently. I thought I’d post some photographs to show how different positioning can affect plants in a variety of ways.  This one is in my office and gets more bright sun – I think this has made it much more flexible and free formed than the one in my front room, which is a lot more rigid.



As the photograph above shows, the stems flop over the edge of the pot quite a bit, and there are offshoots forming from these stems. I haven’t repotted it for around 18 months and it is doing fine. I love the plant pot – it’s concrete with copper zig zags along the base, which I think compliments the greenery of the jade. I’ve also been practicing my calligraphy and the photograph below shows it overlayed with an image as an experiment. I think the free flowing font style compliments the fluidity of the jade plant well.

The previous post about repotting my other jade plant has detailed ‘care tips’, so I won’t repeat those here.



Thanks for reading!

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