As the first week of #MYHOUSEOFHOUSEPLANTS comes to a close, I thought I would share my week in photographs on HPH for those of you who don’t use Instagram. You can click the Instagram link on the right hand column if you want to find out anything specific about a particular photograph.

week 1 four.png

[L-R] / Day 7: Spot the Fake / Day 6: Pot cover love [2] / Day 6: Pot cover love [1] / 

week 1 five.png

[L-R] / Day 5: Plant Windowsill [2] / Day 5: Plant Windowsill [1] / Day 4: Cacti [2]

week 1 two.png

[L-R]  / Day 4: Cacti [1] / Day 3: Air Purifier [2] / Day 3: Air Purifier [1] / 

week 1 three.png

[L-R]  Day 2: My Favourite / Day 1: My Collection /

The main hurdle I encountered this week was when my phone camera decided to stop focusing! It was a bit of a fuss as I had to back up and completely wipe and reset my phone, but fingers crossed it seems to have sorted it out. The lady in my phone shop did look a bit perplexed when I was trying to explain how important it was that my camera was working because of #MYHOUSEOFHOUSEPLANTS …maybe she checked it out on Instagram afterwards though!

Here’s a reminder of the challenge, and what to expect from next weeks posts:


Thanks for reading!

new banner sept17 tezt original



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