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This post acts as a petition to get @instagram to create a watering can emoji, for all our plant loving community here on IG! If you want one to be created then please like + share this image on the @_houseplanthouse page! ✨💦 🌿


A bit of fun last week… I wanted to add this to HPH so we can keep track on if it ever becomes a reality! I’ve spoken to so many people on IG about the need for a watering can emoji to express their love of plants and caring for them. I understand this is a trivial matter, but for someone interested in design, I think it is important to address current social media trends, and to try to influence new developments in the field.

As a brief explanation of the term, emoji is a japanese word that means ‘pictogram’ or ‘picture characters:

絵 (e, picture)

文 (mo, writing)

字 (ji, character)

If you are interested in a bit of a history about the development of these picture characters , I found an interesting article on creative market (click here)

It might not exactly be seasonal, and Instagram are probably designing festive themed emoji’s, but wanted to put it to them anyway because house plant love is a year-round endeavour. In terms of the graphic design element, I think it would be great if it was somehow based on the HAWS watering can I photographed above. As a side note, this is my ‘indoor’ house plant watering can and I love the option of sprinkler on straight water flow.

If you come across this post at a later date, please go on over to the post on Instagram and like the watering can petition!

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