So here’s a bit of a visual summary of the month long challenge hosted by @zoeshouseofhouseplants that I took part in – I’m sure you’ll all be familiar with it by now! #MYHOUSEOFHOUSEPLANTS

As a round up, I thought it’d be nice to get all my photographs together from the month. Well done to Zoe for hosting such a fun month of planty photographs, and for turning the IG feed all shades of green! People loved participating and are going to continue to use the hashtag to share the house plant love, which sounds great to me.

🌱🌵 3 1  d a y s  /  6 6   p h o t o g r a p h s !  🌱🌵

week 5 3.jpg

week 5 2week 5 1week 4 5week 4 4week 4 3week 4 2week 4 1week 3 7week 3 6week 3 5week 3 4week 3 3week 3 2week 3 1

week 2 no6week 2 no5week 2 no4week 2 no3week 2 no2week 2 no1week 1 fourweek 1 fiveweek 1 twoweek 1 three


Normal posting shall resume in November here on HPH,

Hope you have enjoyed coming along for the (house plant) ride!

new banner sept17 tezt original



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