This week has seen the highly anticipated ‘houseplant drop’ at Wilko stores across the UK. I have been to two this week and it’s worth noting that stock levels and selections vary greatly from store to store, so if you are making a specific trip, it might be worth phoning the store in advance so that you aren’t disappointed.



Wilko has been consistently impressive with their gardening section for at least two years and so far, they are keeping their plant game strong. Speaking to a manager at my local store, he was really pleased with how well received their few stands of houseplants have been.

I was impressed with the clear display of indoor and outdoor plants – the signage makes it really clear and super easy to shop. I will be heading back next week to pick up some outdoor plants for my balcony garden – decent sized pots of rosemary are just £3! If flowers are your thing, then they had some lovely compact hydrangea for £5 – I am tempted to get one of these too and grow in a pot.



Aside from the obvious chlorophytum and hedera, this season, Wilko has some extremely well priced monstera for £6 – I could hardly believe it when reading the tag. As I touched upon in the previous post with supermarkets selling plants, if you see something you like here at Wilko, I would recommend buying it immediately. I’ve even asked the manager for the plant delivery dates before now, worth doing if you want to get something straight off the delivery crate. Within a week, some of the tradescantia albovittata were looking completely soaked and in a bit of a bad way! The one below (right) was one of the better looking plants, but the compost was drenched. I suspect that staff might understand not to water the cacti, but the indoor/outdoor foliage plants seem to all get watered the same. If you notice this to be a problem at your store, don’t be afraid to politely mention it to a staff member; just think of it as being in the plants’ best interests!



Those familiar with Wilko’s ‘usual’ stock will be pleased to see that their £1-£1.50 mini cacti and succulent trays are back, with something new for this year being succulents in jars for £5. I picked up this one (far right), which is a crassula mesembryanthemoides. The problem with the tiny succulents is that the leaves are so young and delicate, quite a few were looking a bit battered already. By comparison, the mini cacti seemed more hardy, with some lovely varieties available. As with all stores like this, it must be said that their plant labelling leaves a lot to be desired – every single succulent was labelled ‘aloe’, really frustrating when their outdoor plants have proper (correct) names!

Above are their £3 succulents and some smaller varieties such as the echeveria and crassula (below far left) were priced at £2.50, whilst sansevieria were £5. I picked up this beautiful little adromischus maculates (calico hearts/ chocolate drop) for £1! In the shop lighting, it had such a pretty silver shine, I just couldn’t leave it on the shelf.

This spring, there are more ‘large’ cacti (the two cacti below right) that come in clear plastic bags (for safety!) for £10, which I think is a very competitive price point for the size of these. The cacti were in excellent condition (no overwatering here!) and if you are a fan of terracotta pots, you can pick up some for under £1 to repot your cacti if you wish (I usually do).


 🌿 Here’s what I picked up…

Crassula mesembryanthemoides (in jar), minis; adromischus maculates (calico hearts/ chocolate drop) and kalanchoe tomentosa (panda plant). The large succulent reminds me of senecio serpens (blue chalk sticks), which I haven’t been able to get hold of, so this can be a substitute (even though it’s not it) and I’m not 100% sure of the ID of the cactus, either way I liked it’s furry style.


In terms of gardening supplies, the selection of compost types and plastic pots and trays were outstanding. Something I have noticed too is that their plastic pots fit in their pot covers really well; more stores could learn from this! It makes for a more complete (and satisfying) shopping trip if you are able to get everything in one place.

I hope this post has acted as a bit of a helpful nudge to houseplant lovers who have been unaware of Wilko until now. If you make any purchases, please share them with me on Instagram, I’d love to see! My handle is @_houseplanthouse and my page is linked to the right of this post.

*I just wanted to add that this post is not sponsored and I am in no way affiliated with Wilko – you’ll just find me shopping in their gardening aisles a little too often!

Thanks for reading!

🌿 Laura

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  1. Are cacti becoming ‘more’ popular there? They seem like an odd choice for that climate. Although I am not familiar with your climate, I would guess that the air is more humid, keeping the soil and moist longer.


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