For today’s post, I wanted to show some very recent gardening related discoveries I made in ALDI on Monday. I wanted to share this as soon as possible because you should probably act fast if there is something you have your eye on, as stock doesn’t hang around very long! Over the last few years, ALDI has gained a good reputation for their ‘special buys’ which get launched weekly on Sunday and Thursday. The stock in these sections can range from the weird to the wonderful, however the ranges that are possibly the most eagerly anticipated are in the DIY and Gardening categories.


The first thing I noticed on the end of an aisle was this Gardenline potting bench (HERE) … and I must say I am so tempted to go back for this! £29.99 is an absolute bargain for something this size, and it even comes complete with a galvanised steel top, some shelves, and hooks for your garden tools.

Next up is their most expensive option in this range; the Gardenline Wooden Mini Greenhouse (HERE) that comes in at £59.99. This looks so impressive for the price too, and I can imagine it looking better with age. It’s frame is made out of FSC certified wood with polycarbonate glazing. It’s received pretty great reviews online, with the main comment being amazing value for money. A few reviewers suggested adding a few more screws here and there on the shelves in particular to make it more sturdy.

Then, there was a really useful sized grow house for £24.99 with four tiers – great for if you are short on space. I had a three tiered one of these on my balcony last summer and it was so useful… if you are short on space, going UP is always a good option! This comes flat packed so you can dismantle and store quite easily if need be; mine is currently being stored in my kitchen cupboard. If you do grow anything in raised beds in your garden, this seedling cloche would be useful, and there were also some individual cloches for just £4.99 (HERE)


Here comes the extremely tempting section… the affordable gardening ‘bits and bobs’ that are under £5, which can quite easily sneak their way into your trollies when you only popped in to pick up a few essentials! ALDI have definitely got on board with the propagating hype that seems to be everywhere this year. There are smaller propagators of a variety of shapes and sizes available – a windowsill-sized one for £1.99, a three pack propagator for £3.99, a propagator growing kit (including compost and seeds) for £6.99 and a large seed and cutting tray, also for £6.99.

There’s also a good amount of compost, perlite and vermiculite for really reasonable prices. Oh yes, and seeds, lots of seeds too! I challenge you all to go take a look without buying something! They have improved their website a lot to reflect current stock, and there is now even the option to order some items online. Have a look: HERE

I hope you found this helpful, and sorry in advance if I have you all running to ALDI! I also share my latest finds over on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow me there if you like this sort of content (link to the right of this post).

Thanks for reading!


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