This week has seen a gardening paraphernalia explosion at Flying Tiger stores as we gear up for Spring. Whilst being pretty well known for their kitsch home decor, some gems can definitely be found here. For example, the general purpose pots I bought at the end of last year were from here and they look so much more high-end than their super affordable price tag.

tiger pots


A first for 2018 is the addition of REAL plants in their stores! These cacti (below right) were £4 for a trio and I’m pretty sure these will sell quickly at this price. The quality was a bit hit or miss, as to be expected perhaps. They also have a good selection of their usual packets of seeds for herbs and flowers available now, which make lovely gifts. I always buy a few to put inside of greetings cards.

There is a nice selection of gardening tools available which come in fun pastel colours and a variety of enamel containers that can be used for a whole manner of gardening tasks. I like to use pots of this size to make up my compost/grit/perlite mix for potting my houseplants. A genius addition to their collection this season is these avocado growers (below right) …I must go and pick one up next week. I’m yet to have any success with growing an avocado from stone, so perhaps I’ll try again using one of these. This certainly looks a lot more elegant that cocktail sticks poking about the place in my opinion!

An area that Tiger seem to be expanding is their ‘mid size’ pieces. Last year their £15-20 shelves became really popular on Instagram, and since then, they have brought out a circular version and also some cube styles. Here’s mine below for reference.

hph tiger shelf

This mini greenhouse is another offering (available now) at this price point and makes a nice alternative to the IKEA version that is all over the internet. As the mini cacti indicate, the size is pretty good to sit on a windowsill and it would make a nice alternative to a generic propagator.


Following on with the propagator theme, they also have this domed one for just £5! I can see this working well in a kitchen setting, but also as a nice home for humidity loving, smallish houseplants. The design is also more modern than other garden centre alternatives I have seen. Finally, is something that has a more typical ‘Tiger aesthetic’ – their plastic plant tower. On a modern kitchen worktop, this could look quite sculptural and also would make a useful container for herbs. Even though I grow herbs on my balcony most of the year, I also like to have some basil, mint and thyme inside as I like how they look (and I cook with them a lot).

As you probably know by now, Tiger stock doesn’t hang around very long, with new launches appearing every new weeks. So if you see something you like, I wouldn’t hang around. If you want to find out for head on over to their website for more information.

I hope you enjoyed a little tour around the gardening supplies at Tiger this Spring. If you pick any of these items up, be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram. My page is HERE

Thanks for reading!


new banner sept17 tezt original


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