Here’s part two of my houseplant book collection… If you missed part one you can read the introduction over there! Part Three will be up on Friday.


I’m going to go ahead and declare from the start that I LOVE this book. It’s pretty old but I managed to get a copy for a few pounds off Amazon. The Reader’s Digest books in general are very highly regarded and this is certainly no exception. The level of detail is outstanding and the clear step-by-step instructions instil a confidence that you too, can carry out a whole manner of sometimes daunting tasks – such as how to revive a parched plant (see photo below). I’m also a big fan of the plentiful supply of colourful illustration here – it’s how I imagine a good plant book should look in my opinion.

HPH rating: 9/10


AT HOME WITH PLANTS // Ian Drummond & Kara O’Reilly

Despite always looking out for inspirational houseplant books, this one slipped past my radar and I was so surprised when I received it as a christmas present last year. Plant styling is an area I love working in so this book really appealed to me from the start. I like the way it is laid out, with really useful sections that suggest plants that would work in different parts of your home. One criticism I do have would be that the large, full-bleed photos tend to get a bit repetitive and seem a bit too staged for my liking. But the premise behind the book really appeals to me, and for those interested in interior plant styling, I would recommend it.

HPH rating: 7/10



This is the oldest house plant book in my collection, having it passed down from my grandparents. As well as Grandpa’s ‘The Gardening Year’, I remember him dipping into this countless times to read up on a specific issue or to look up care advice for a particular plant. Being a bit of a retro read, there is a wealth of information in here that spans across a great variety of house plants, particularly ones that were popular in the 1970’s – streptocarpus, begonia and African violets to name but a few, which are often omitted from the more contemporary books in this field. The illustrated drawings are excellent and the layout is the best out of all the books in my collection.

HPH rating: 10/10



So this is an expanded version of the original ‘House Plant Expert’ which I picked up off Amazon for a few pounds last year. I don’t think it’s particularly necessary to have the two, but the binding of my original book is loose and the cover has come off… a sign it has been well loved for sure! Plus, it’s nice to have a bit of a variety if you are into house plant books, so would recommend either. As to be expected, there is a fair amount of overlap with the original book, with the addition of photographic illustrations, which the former text lacks. This makes the book feel more modern, but it doesn’t make the original feel outdated in any way, just different.

HPH rating: 10/10


If you have any books you would like more information about, do get in touch! Alternatively, please send me your houseplant book recommendations.

Thanks for reading!


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