Things have been a little quiet here on HPH for a few weeks and I’m excited to finally share what I’ve been working on. A few weeks ago, on a cold October evening in a coffee shop, PLANT HAUS STUDIO was born. Those of you who know me in real life will know that I have a good friend Phill, who’s as crazy about plants as I am. I am also very fortunate to also have a lot of plant friends online through my HOUSEPLANTHOUSE  Instagram. 

Since Phill and I got chatting some 16 months ago, we have spent many, many hours talking plants, sending each other plant photos, sharing cuttings and plants too (…thanks again P for my variegated aspidistra!). So it was only a matter of time before the conversation turned to ways in which we could work together, to spread our love of plants some more. Our collaborative business venture takes the form of a curated edit of a modern plant shop on Etsy – (check it out here). Phill owns a physical houseplant shop too, so we thought it would be nice to have a creative workspace online to share our edit of our favourite plants and plant related items. We have also both worked independently on some plant styling projects, and realised that we have a very compatible style so this too, will come under the umbrella of PLANT HAUS STUDIO, where we can offer interior plant styling and design services.


Alongside plants, we also love to make things, so expect to see macrame hangers, pots, terrariums, propagation kits, and creative plant gifts using a variety of materials (such as the staghorn fern mounted in a balloon fruit above, made by Phill). Below shows something I’ve been working on – recycled wood propagation stations.



Design strategies behind PLANT HAUS STUDIO

plant haus studio banner flattened

For the logo design and branding of Plant Haus Studio I wanted to reflect the clean modernist aesthetic of institutions such as Bauhaus; the radical design school started between the wars in Germany. To achieve this I worked in monochrome to achieve a clean look, utilising the classic Gill Sans font, synonymous with high modernism. For design enthusiasts like me, you might know that this sans serif font was based on the font of the London Underground ‘alphabet’ from 1916 (designed by Edward Johnston).

In terms of the name, we wanted to evoke the true function of the Bauhaus, which as its name suggests in German, refers to building by design – Haus literally meaning ‘house’. Therefore, plant haus studio is a creative space for plant design, a workshop of sorts.

phs small file

hph bc back test images.jpg

Normal posting will now resume here on HPH, nothing will change in that respect, but it seemed silly not to share my PLANT HAUS STUDIO adventure with you, fellow plant lover. From time to time I will share some of our projects with you, as I had a great response to my ‘offline’ plant styling posts recently. If you have any requests for HPH blog posts, send me a DM on Instagram.

Thanks for reading,

Laura 🌿

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