After such a positive response to my ‘A to Z of Houseplants’ throughout December on my Instagram Stories + my blog, I wanted to bring you something similar in the month of January. The last few weeks have been particularly dreary + grey here, which can definitely affect my mood. Side note: It also makes it quite a bit harder to take lots of photos of my houseplants! 

You might have also read that today, Monday 20th January is ‘blue Monday‘. With that in mind, I wanted to turn things around this week + bring some sunshine to my Instagram feed and blog. I will be sharing a plant styling tip each day in my posts over the course of the week showing how I use houseplants to give me a boost when I need it and (today especially) to help banish those blue Monday blues.

I’m excited to share that I am collaborating with Always Kalanchoe on this campaign who are a Netherlands based group that represent the growers of Britains second most popular houseplant. (…And I know you are now wondering what was at the number 1 spot… FYI it’s the orchid!) As a freelancer, I wanted to add how much I enjoy working on projects like this, as it’s easy to get in a bit of a solitary bubble when you work for yourself. You all know me well enough by now to know that I only work with people and companies that I feel will benefit my audience, and of course, in helping to promote something I like. All opinions are my own and all the plants are my actual plants too. I just wanted to make all that clear, now… onto the tips! 

I love the colour combination of dark grey terracotta and these red blooms!
| H O W  T O  U S E  H O U S E P L A N T S  T O  H E L P  Y O U  B E A T  ‘ B L U E  M O N D A Y ‘ 

Filling your home with houseplants is not only a great way to freshen up your space for the New Year, but can also be an instant mood booster, helping to relieve stress, reduce tiredness, boost energy, and improve wellbeing. 


Have a go at creating your own mood-boosting set-up (if your light levels allow) by adding a few tropical plants to your bathroom. Big leafy plants create instant impact and will thrive in these spaces which often have indirect light and increased humidity.

As you can see from the photos below, I showered my Ficus twins in the bathtub over the weekend — keeping them dust free is a good pest-prevention tip and helps to keep those lovely leaves healthy. You will notice that I don’t show my bathroom much on my insta feed as it’s a pretty dark space, so for me, I have a golden pothos + an asparagus fern which manage pretty well. Instead, I have styled the space with a houseplant shower curtain for some added greenery!


POuS5NirTXmR+N6%MwGbqg_thumb_2054Fill your bedroom with nocturnal oxygenating plants such as Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy). These bright little succulents not only add a splash of positive colour to your bedroom like my pink one above, but they also release oxygen at night to promote a healthier atmosphere. The blooms are really long lasting too, which is much appreciated on these grey January days. As you might have noticed in my red plant at the beginning of the post, I find terracotta is a great choice for Kalanchoes, which don’t need watering often as they store this in their fleshy foliage. Terracotta helps to keep the potting mix on the dry side which is favourable for these plants, which also makes it a little more forgiving if you are slightly heavy-handed with that watering can! BYHlXJCyQnSY57dNlxZTfw_thumb_205aIf you nurture these plants they can become part of your home for many years to come. I’ll show you my oldest Kalanchoe over on Instagram  this week which I have grown into a tree-like form. 



Style dark walls with bright, bold plants for an instant mood booster. Neon pothos or Kalanchoes in pinks or reds add a zingy colour pop against a darker wall. In a lighter setting, marble queen pothos in its unique creamy variegation is perfect.



Being around plants can help to boost productivity, so of course, I have filled my office at home with quite a few plants… as evidenced by this photo (that’s not even half of it). Adding some plant shelves is an affordable way to transform a space and if you style it right, you can create the effect of a ‘green wall’ which is incredibly popular right now. There’s lots of styling inspiration for this on Pinterest (and insta of course). Play around with colours and textures to create an eye-catching, work-enhancing feature in your room that reflects your interior style.



 Have a dose of jungle therapy by styling trailing plants around your home. Try hanging them in neutral macrame hangers off a hook or curtain pole for a modern take on mid-century design. Easy care plants such as spider plants or pothos trail beautifully and add personality to a space. In a room with lower light, snake plants or zz plants can add a good dose of sculptural style and need little care so looking after them won’t be a headache (just remember not to overwater!)  


1. Monstera deliciosa: a big, happy plant to have in your home, grows to human scale, easy to look after, lovely leaves!

2. Golden pothos: the trailing plant that can create a jungle look with minimal effort. Well suited to modern homes and can handle darker spaces pretty well.

3. Pilea peperomiodes: the friendship plant is cheerful with its distinctive round leaves. It’s prolific at growing plantlets that you can propagate and share the plant love with friends.

4. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana: if you like long lasting blooms, a kalanchoe can brighten up any space with its colourful show of flowers that lifts the spirits. It’s very easy to care for and makes a great statement.

5. Epiphyllum anguliger: the zig zag cactus catches peoples attention with its fun form and thrives on neglect. If the conditions are right it will reward you with the most spectacular blooms.

I hope you enjoyed this post + that it gave you some mood-boosting, happy-inducing, plant styling tips for blue Monday. 

If you head on over to my Instagram today I have posted a video of some potting I have been up to over the weekend —

Thanks for reading!

— Laura


Kalanchoe (or ‘Flaming Katy’) houseplants are available from florists, supermarkets and garden centres nationwide. Kalanchoe care tips and inspiration can be found at Always Kalanchoe or on Instagram @Alwayskalanchoe


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One thought on “How to use houseplants to beat ‘blue Monday’

  1. Goodness, my bathroom at home in town was such a tropical oasis that a pair of unidentified small birds raised a family in it. By the time I noticed their comings and goings, they had left an egg in their nest. I could not break up their family, so they stayed until they were done. My next bathroom was within the burned out stumps of redwood trees. (It is a long story.) The shower was inside a hollow stump, with the same bromeliads from the shower in town.


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