A bit of plant care and repotting always calms me down and lifts my mood.

I made this Kalanchoe planter as a present for my friend to put on her sunny windowsill – they will thrive here + are just coming into bloom. They are a great choice as an affordable present for the person that doesn’t always remember to water their plants! As succulents, kalanchoe store water in their fleshy foliage + over winter, I water mine every 10 days or so around the base of the plant (I try not to get water on the leaves or flowers). The spider plant + dracaena are also heading off to a new home as a moving present after a re-pot. Houseplants are a great way to give your space a New Year re-fresh but they can be much more than that too – an instant mood booster, helping to relieve stress + improve wellbeing.






I’ve uploaded this as a video on my Instagram but also wanted to share the stills as I always enjoy looking at the process of repotting.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any blogpost requests please get in touch 

— Laura


Kalanchoe (or ‘Flaming Katy’) houseplants are available from florists, supermarkets and garden centres nationwide. Kalanchoe care tips and inspiration can be found at Always Kalanchoe or on Instagram @Alwayskalanchoe


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