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I’m Laura, houseplant lover, writer, photographer, collector of old furniture and interiors obsessive.

Here on House Plant House you will find a range of posts that encompass all the aspects of how we live with houseplants — from the pivotal aspect of plant care to the related aspects of interior plant design. 

You’ll find general houseplant advice and specific plant care guides, reflective writing about growing and living with plants, plus everyday plant care and maintenance such as repotting and propagation. In addition, I share my passion for thrifting, interior decor, plant styling and design, as well as garden updates from my little outside space, excerpts from my photo diary and green places I have visited too. 

I’m based in North Yorkshire, UK after relocating in 2020. Currently, I’m working on an exciting renovation project — the restoration of an old Chapel into a live/work space for House Plant House. For the majority of the renovation works, I lived in a temporary cottage with most of my belongings in boxes and storage (which is why I haven’t been able to post much plant styling or interiors content over the last 12 months) but late Summer 2021 I moved on-site. I’m currently navigating completing the project so that I can work on the second phase of creating a studio space to develop my business. 



Think of House Plant House a little like an online magazine where you can dip in and out of a variety of posts that all relate to fostering a connection with the natural world in some way. I have categorised these ‘topics’ under easily-navigated headings on the banner of my homepage. This will allow you to explore each area in more depth if you wish. I want to share a rounded view of my life with plants alongside my hobbies + experiences too. If you are just looking for specific plant care guides you’ll find standardised guidance and tips under the houseplant related tabs.

My posting schedule is as follows:

SUNDAYS: There’ll be new posts most weekends as I know many of you enjoy some blog reading at this time. The majority of these blogposts will be houseplant focused, with the occasional Photo Diary appearing in the mix too. 

WEDNESDAYS: Alongside this, I’m going to be sharing an additional mid-week post about the renovation project every few weeks for those of you who are interested in the process of converting an old building into a home. You can expect to see these from early 2022. 

*As you might imagine, navigating a big renovation can throw up all sorts of curve balls so I might take a few weeks offline here and there to give the project my full focus. We’re hoping for works to be completed within the next couple of months so I hope that things can settle back into more of a routine afterwards. There are lots of blogposts for you to peruse in the meantime though, so have a look around the website archive if you fancy.

If you would like to connect across my platforms you can:

  • come join me over on instagram. I post here a few times a week + I use my feed for all things houseplants. Here you can pick up some free plant care tips + tricks + see how my plants are growing. On my instagram stories I share daily posts as a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ of what it’s like to live with a lot of plants. I like to go on walks when I get the time + I will sometimes bring my camera along with me because I know quite a lot of you enjoy seeing some of the bucolic, verdurous views.
  • Check out my Pinterest page. Here I share a mix of image-based + video posts about a range of topics that acts as a bit of an extension to my blogposts here on houseplanthouse.com.
  • Follow along with the renovation project over on my secondary instagram account ‘House Plant House renovates’ — this a renovation diary of the Chapel project if you’d like to see the process. 
  • Oh + if you like, you can also sign up for an email alert (at the bottom of my homepage) when I post on my blog, otherwise, Sundays is generally the day for new posts.
  • I’m working on a newsletter which will be something for 2022 (…when I’m not covered in building dust!)

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. I’m often asked on my social platforms where I buy the things featured in my posts so I provide links where possible to help you find what you are looking for. 99.9% of the time I have purchased these products with my own money. You’ll seldom find sponsored content here — but if this occurs it will be clearly disclosed, along with any gifted items indicated. Affiliate links don’t cost you anything, but they mean that I receive a very small amount of revenue if you make a purchase. These links allow me to keep running this website + providing free content + resources for my readers.


Please note that I don’t accept guest posts + all written content is my own. 


I created HOUSE PLANT HOUSE in 2017 as a cross-platform hub that spans this website, my Instagram page + more recently Pinterest too. Across these spaces, I document my plant collection + share plant care advice, as well as offering inspiration for houseplant purchases + tips on how to style interiors with plants. You might have come across my website because you are nurturing a houseplant hobby, you love interiors + plant styling, or enjoy a little bit of small-scale gardening. Take a look around + thanks for stopping by.

Since its launch, the HOUSE PLANT HOUSE platform hopes to provide insights into living + working with plants. The demand for houseplants has exploded in recent years + is enjoying a sustained swell of enthusiasm; far from the short-lived millennials trend it was once branded as. This upturn in popularity signals a resurgent desire for a re-connection with nature in an increasingly environmentally aware society. I am passionate about encouraging everyone to bring a little bit of green into their homes so that they can share in the enjoyment + mindfulness that caring for plants can bring.

H P H is based around my combined interests as a researcher; in writing + photography, design, interiors + plants. I started the blog as a creative outlet after finishing my PhD + nearly five years later, it remains a plant journal of sorts; from recording what I’m growing, potting + propagating, to offering seasonal plant care advice + what to do when your monstera gets too big!

In addition to my H P H endeavours, I am a curator of ‘The Real Houseplants of Instagram’ community. As a collective we developed the website houseplantswap.com, a worldwide (non-profit) platform for the exchange of houseplants.

Alongside my website, I am also a freelance copywriter for a number of houseplant businesses; sharing care instructions, product descriptions + blogposts. Please get in touch via email if you would like to discuss any form of houseplant-based writing I can offer. 

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