Design strategies behind HPH

I wanted to post something a little different today and share some of the design elements of HPH across both the website and the Instagram platform. First, I will focus on my logo which I designed sitting in Amsterdam Schiphol airport one rainy night in 2017 waiting for a flight home. I had some euros…

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How to propagate succulents

I thought it was about time that I shared some of my experiences with succulent propagation as I get a lot of questions over on Instagram. After the obligatory period of trial and error, things have improved and I feel slightly more confident in beheading my succulents now, and less precious about pulling off leaves for leaf…

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Success with spider plants

After sharing my current spider plant situation over on Instagram I thought I would get together some progress photos. Despite being considered a bit retro by some, they are a staple in my plant collection. The humble chlorophytum are some of the easiest plants to grow, so for those getting into plants, they are a great starting…

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Affordable plant supplies

Something a lot of people ask when I get into conversations about gardening is ‘…but isn’t all the stuff quite expensive?’ I thought it would be useful to share my three most recent affordable finds in the realm of plant supplies, as I am perpetually hunting for cost effective ways to carry out my hobby (read: obsession?).…

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HOUSEPLANTHOUSE is one year old! To celebrate I have had a bit of a website re-design, I hope you like it.

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Lets talk about: plants and pests

Let’s talk about one of the less glamorous sides of ‘houseplant care’ – pests. Unless you have been extremely lucky, you will probably have come across bugs in some form or another. The reality of keeping quite a lot of plants means this can be an issue sometimes. Things had been running pretty smoothly in…

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