Here are some photographs showing the process of separating my jade plant [crassula ovata/ crassula argentea]. It was getting very cluttered and I didn’t want to move it into a larger container, so I decided to separate the plant instead. For the smaller divisions, I used two terracotta pots… taking inspiration from the & Other Stories aesthetic I wrote about in my ‘Plants in Shops’ post. I repositioned the largest part of the plant back in it’s original pot and it now has more room to grow.


As I mentioned in that previous post, jade plants are often called ‘bonsai trees for beginners’ due to their tree-like shape. They have a lovely sculptural quality like a bonsai and after repotting mine, I think they all look nicely minimal. With plants of this shape, I think that the negative space around the plant is just as important as the plant itself so don’t be afraid to repot until you get the shape you desire.



Jade plants are succulents so are pretty hardy beings, however they do require a good amount of light to flourish – a good few hours of sunshine each day really does make all the difference. Like the christmas cactus, these plants also do well for a period outdoors in summer if it is warm. It’s important not to overwater them and to use a well draining soil specifically for succulents if possible. I do feed mine every 10-14 days with Baby Bio and have found that tepid water is more favourable than water straight out of the tap.

Another key point is to make sure the leaves are free from dust and are kept dry – the thick oval shape can be quite difficult to dust so be careful not to disturb the plant too much when doing this. When they are positioned in a sunny spot their leaves can look really shiny! 


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