With Spring just around the corner, stores are rolling out this years’ selection of bulbs, seeds, garden plants and of course, houseplants. As I touched upon in my previous post, this year, supermarkets are really tapping into the increasing demand for houseplants, and February has seen selections improve across a variety of retailers.

Above: TESCO (L-R) Hoya Kerri, Crassula Sarmentosa, which is pretty hard to get hold of normally. I bought a tiny one a few weeks ago as it was the first time I had found one…then came across these to my surprise! Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg and Sedum Rubrotinctum, also a variety of small cacti (out of shot).

Whist I am thrilled to be able to pick up a plant whilst getting my groceries, I have a few things I would like to (kindly) ask these stores:

  1. Please do not leave these lovely plants outside in freezing temperatures!
  2. Please move them a bit further away from the draughty sliding doors/ heaters that are drying the plants to a crisp (and spoiling the pretty foliage…brown edges anyone?!)
  3. Plants have NAMES… not all plants with leaves are simply called FOLIAGE MIX. Please label your plants correctly! I am contacted weekly by people who return home from the supermarket with no idea what they have bought or how to look after it. If you are unsure what plants you are selling in your stores, I will help you.
  4. On a similar note, stop watering those ‘SUCCULENT/CACTI MIX’ every day! Please train your staff in the basic needs of these plants and set up a watering rota. Not all plant lovers want to perform plant rescue missions on their purchases.
  5. Explore more eco friendly ways of packaging your plants, specifically cacti that often come in large plastic packaging. I know safety and convenience are factors in this decision, but I’m sure there are more bio-degradable options available that require just a little bit more thought.
ABOVE: MORRISIONS (L-R) Assorted Calathea and Stromanthe, masses of Kalanchoe, reduced Coconut palm.

In my next post, I will be highlighting some of the current houseplant offerings in my regular stores. I always share my in-store finds on my Instagram page too, so be sure to check for updates. For those people who took up my advice to check out Morrisons recently, I hope you are enjoying your purchases and thanks for sending me your photos.

Given the points raised above, I wanted to offer a final word of advice… if you do choose to buy plants from a supermarket I would recommend getting there quickly before they have been sitting around too long in the sometimes adverse conditions!

Thanks for reading!


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