I wanted to post something a little different today and share some of the design elements of HPH across both the website and the Instagram platform. First, I will focus on my logo which I designed sitting in Amsterdam Schiphol airport one rainy night in 2017 waiting for a flight home. I had some euros spare and bought some pocked sized notebooks to use for drawing to pass the time.

I’ve never showed anyone the original sketches so thought it would be something quite personal to share as a marker of one year of being online as ‘HOUSEPLANTHOUSE’. In terms of my background, I am trained in photography and the visual arts, and my work often has strong design elements. I wanted the logo to be distinctive yet simple and I created it in photoshop a few days after the initial drawings. A year on, I still love it and it’s probably one of my favourite logos I’ve designed… which is a bit of a relief!

original HPH designs alongside my current business card


I have also used this design as the basis for my stories highlights that focus on other elements to do with plants. I have always been sure I wanted to only share the interface between houseplants and interiors on my Instagram feed, so my other gardening ‘stuff’ goes in my Instagram stories highlights. I love this feature as it allows me to share my balcony gardening, greenhouse growing and plant calligraphics, as well as my macramé, plant care videos and infographics.

Here’s how the design works on my Instagram page when balanced with my logo on the top of my feed:


Additionally, I wanted to share my way of sharing recent posts in my stories. Since I introduced this design to my page last October, I have noticed a number of other accounts being inspired to use my design in similar ways. Despite this, I think this design is in most peoples’ minds as HOUSEPLANTHOUSE style, which I am pleased about. I have actually been creating these as part of a larger design project and want to produce them as a large printed design soon. For now, here is a portion of my work:

NOTE: This shows 72 of these designs as a sample, I have over 350+!

Something a bit different I know, but I hope you liked a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of my design process, especially seeing as I’ve been working on HPH for a year now. Houseplants, interiors, photography and design are the interests that inspire me daily, and I rarely consider them as ‘genres’ in isolation, but as a fluid concoction of all elements in some way!

Normal plant posting will resume in the next post about the monstera.

Thanks for reading!

Laura 🌿



Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

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