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  1. Aspidistra is still a popular houseplant? I have not seen it in a while. We will be getting a few for a dark spot in a landscape at work. We can get them from a nursery in town. They are landscape stock.

    1. It’s not very popular here but it’s one of my personal favourites as it always reminds me of my grandparents! They are harder to get from growers over here as they are pretty slow growing. They will be a great addition to your planting 🙂

      1. I sort of miss it. It grew wild at my great grandparents’ home. We might get a variegated sort because it would be prettier there, but for my own garden (not that I would get any anytime soon), I would prefer it without variegation. These are not houseplants, or named cultivars; just green or variegated.

      2. Ah that sounds lovely! I especially love the non variegated version, it has such a beautiful deep colour green to it when the light hits it.

      3. It sort of looks traditional too, like one of those old Victorian houseplants that did not stop being popular until recently.

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