This post begins my photo diary that I have been meaning to start for a while. If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I share my ephemeral images here on my blog + also my instagram stories (which are more video-based). Unbelievably, I have readers all across the world – in 161 countries the last time I checked! I’ve had some lovely messages from some of you recently who enjoy seeing where I live here in the UK as I share my everyday photos I take when going on a walk, or little details I notice at home. I always have a camera close by… I blame my training as a photographer for becoming obsessed with chasing light! Putting together these posts provides an opportunity to loosely curate my unwieldy camera roll into an edit of pictures that I will try to update regularly.

I’ll save these posts under my ‘ephemera’ tab on the homepage of HPH. I hope you enjoy.

Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

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