Wild weather fluctuations but a change is in the air. Hopefully the last of the snow in the coldest Winter for a decade. The Sun has some warmth to it at last + the light is stretching into corners of the cottage that have been consistently gloomy. Clouds like paintings reflected in puddles + more puddles. The boiler has broken again so the houseplants are huddled together, but I think one or two have cold damage. Snowdrops covered in snow decorate woodland in swathes — halted by the cold snap for a time. This week the first signs of Spring are emerging + colourful crocuses are starting to appear. Woke early Tuesday to a tequila sunrise. Feeling my Welsh roots noticing the first daffodils on the roadside — my doorstep plantings are on the cusp of blooming, I think in a week or so.

Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

2 replies on “HPH photo diary / 10. — Signs of Spring

  1. Oh my! That hedging! I wish I could fine an arborist who would still do this sort of technique, and with such precision. Such hedging, as well as pollarding and coppicing are very stigmatized here. My colleagues can not believe that I condone it, and actually do it in my own garden.

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