HPH photo diary / 12. Big skies + blossom

There have been some incredible skies recently. I think the flatness of the bucolic surroundings accentuate the expansive blue view, often heavy with bobbing clouds. Before I moved but when visiting Yorkshire in previous years, I remember really noticing the change in landscape that gave way to big skies after a couple of hours on…

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HPH photo diary / 11. Writing whilst walking.

Writing whilst walking. The different tones of green vaguely appear as the sun moves slowly across the flat fields. The first tree in the street that was in bloom shortly after I moved here last year has signs of pink again, blossom watch has begun. Sunny bright daffodils. Being watched by sheep chewing mouthfuls of hay.…

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HOUSEPLANTHOUSE is 3 years old!

It only feels like the other day I set up my website but over the last 3 years, I’ve written over 100,000 words + taken many, many photos of plants big + small! I look forward to the next year of sharing my plants with you all.

Thanks so much for your support— Laura