There have been some incredible skies recently. I think the flatness of the bucolic surroundings accentuate the expansive blue view, often heavy with bobbing clouds. Before I moved but when visiting Yorkshire in previous years, I remember really noticing the change in landscape that gave way to big skies after a couple of hours on the monotonous M1/A1(M). Living in a city created an entirely different experience of the sky, nestled in the Welsh hills. There are splotches of green appearing on the trees against these blue and white backdrops and the birds are nesting in the hedge. They bounce across the pots in the patio garden collecting twigs and such and will sometimes come to the doorstep. Some blossom appeared over the space of about two weeks, prematurely dropping as a result of a cold snap, though there are confetti-like remnants on the pavements here and there. Still morning frosts here. Tulips are out now which is always a delight, they remind me of trips to Amsterdam. Pegging out the washing has become a morning ritual once again.

Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

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