I‘ve had this plant for a few years now, it’s a very slow grower and am just now thinking about repotting some of the offsets around the base of the plant. It’s a Haworthia Limifolia which is also known as the ‘fairy washboard’ plant! I’ve kept it in this pot from Anthropologie since I bought it …I love the retro colour with the crackling on it – the tone of the green offers a nice compliment to the hue of the plant. I must admit, it’s not a show stopping plant in my flat, but it is one I’ve got used to having around, and acts as quite an easy to look after ‘filler’ plant. It sits on the desk in my office.


Around this time every year, out shoots a very peculiar stem (inflorescence) with small white flowers on the end …as the photograph [above] shows, it’s over 1 metre long! It hangs around for around six weeks before starting to wilt, after which time, I cut it off! It does look quite bizarre, but it is a sign that the plant is doing well, which is always a good thing.20170804_171128-e1534544969153.jpg


As with most other succulents, one of the most important care tips concerns watering …or more specifically, overwatering. I had a different variety earlier in the year – the Zebra Haworthia (Haworthia Fasciata) which I am embarrassed to admit I ruined through overwatering. I water mine really lightly every 7 – 10 days, and feed every two weeks with a weak Baby Bio solution. In the winter the plant only needs to be watered every 6 – 8 weeks.

Mine sits in an indirect sunny spot and seems happy in that position. There is a slight draught through the window but I haven’t noticed this to have affected the plant in a negative way.

I haven’t repotted the offsets that are growing yet but think I will do in the next few weeks, when the stem has been cut back. I will report back if I have any observations about this process. It is important that when the baby plants are cut off that they are left to ‘dry out’ for around two days before repotting in cacti/succulent compost and watering – this is to prevent rotting from a newly cut offset.


Thanks for reading!

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