For the second post from my ‘Plants in Shops’ series, I am focusing on Anthropologie’s Regent Street Store in London. Being another of my favourite stores, Anthropologie wins hands down when it comes to in store interior design overall. It’s interesting to note that their umbrella company URBN ( manages Urban Outfitters and Free People, as well as Anthro’. I think there is an unified coherence in the way they furnish and design their store interiors, whilst at the same time, I do feel that each brands’ individual identity is maintained. That’s quite a tricky thing to achieve in my opinion …I’m really into creative brand identity as you can probably tell from the very nature of these ‘Plants in Shops’ posts!



Aside from the impressive store design in terms of furniture, fixtures and fittings, the stand out aspect for me is their in-store greenery! There is of course an overarching coherence in each Anthropologie store, but each store is also able to express their ‘individuality’ by the plants used in each store. I also recently photographed the plants in the Edinburgh store, which I shall post about soon as it shows this aspect really clearly.

I would say that the ‘showstopper’ plant in the Regent Street store is currently their monstera deliciosa, situated downstairs [photograph aboveand nestled amongst a large mug tree! I must stress here that I say showstopper PLANT here because at the end of the post you’ll see what I mean, there is a beautiful surprise in store (figuratively and literally!) Because of the high ceilings here, the plants can also be majestic and large in scale and make a real impact whilst navigating the store.

_20170904_192128.JPG_20170904_192223.JPG   _20170904_192324.JPG

At street level near the staircase there is another lovely display near my favourite section  – the planters! It’s of cascading heartleaf Philodendron that adds just the right amount of decorative foliage without looking too cluttered. Coupled with this are a few baby monstera plants growing from pots on shelves around this area.



Dotted around their shelves and tables amongst the eclectic crockery are some smaller pieces, see the sansevieria cylindrical [above] and one of my favourites, the selenicereus anthonyanus – the fishbone cactus [below]. As you can see from the photographs in this post, Anthropologie gets the question of scale exactly right – they know how to have both hugely impactful displays in conjunction with more subtle tabletop pieces.


Installation shot: Above photo credit to Biotecture (permission received on 5/9/17 to use this image in my post). Instagram handle: ‘biotecture_’

Finally, it’s time for something a little special to end this post, the installation of a ‘living wall’ in the Anthropologie Regent Street Store by Biotecture

Biotecture are a company based in the UK that design hydroponic modular ‘living wall’ systems as a way of transforming urban architecture. If you have an interest in design/ architecture and ‘green’ living I would highly recommend following their social media – it’s really interesting to see what they are getting up to!

This was installed in May and a few weeks later I was just popping into store to pick up some plant pots when I encountered this magnificent creation, which certainly took me by surprise! This takes the very notion of ‘plants in shops’ to a whole new level; I had never seen anything of this scale indoors before then! This captivating wall can be appreciated from different points throughout the store (which I imagine was in the design brief), and I found myself completely distracted from my plant pot hunt and instead staring at this gigantic mass of viridescent foliage from different perspectives. One of its most successful aspects is the way it has been lit, which emphasises the texture and three-dimensionality of the installation. I did eventually leave with my purchases, however I will admit I spent most of the visit enjoying this beautiful piece of unique urban design.

Hope you enjoyed this post, for any comments or questions please contact me via Instagram, my handle is _houseplanthouse

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Thanks for reading!

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