Having lived in a city near the seaside before I moved last year, I did not experience many snowy days. The salty air is generally not conducive to bouts of heavy snowfall. One day last week, I went to make a morning cup of tea + to my surprise, found big flakes of snow settling on the garden. There were flurries of snow all day, the black car became white + my container plants on the patio drooped under the weight of the dusting. Overnight there was a frost + the ground was hard + crunchy underfoot the following day. The steps of the resident blackbirds dotted across the garden path. The reflective nature of the snowy light created a luminescent cast inside the cottage but it’s really cold in here — I hope my houseplants will be ok. The humidity monitor I use for my plants said it was 9.1°C inside + my cups of tea are not staying warm long enough for me to drink. A few days later, more snow. I’m noticing the evenings are starting to get a little lighter.

Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

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