Still more snow flurries this month but lots of clear + bright days too —the kind of sunlight that calls for the enjoyable coupling of sunglasses + beret. The fields look entirely different when covered by a blanket of white, but it doesn’t last longer than a day or two before it dissipates. Muddy boots on the back doorstep. Went to buy bread + stumbled upon a river that I had not seen before; the little building at the riverside is an 18th Century Leech House. The reflections in the water of bare trees lining the riverbank create a mesmerising illusion. In the house I’ve been moving the plants around a lot to cope with the draughty windows + the glow of grow lights has become a standard occurrence in the afternoons. Puddles on countryside lanes still solid with a thick icy layer. As January draws to a close, the low sun casts long shadows across the road + trees loom as statuesque silhouettes against a blank blue sky.

Posted by:Laura / House Plant House

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