Happy New Year to you all!

As you might have guessed, I took some time offline over the festive period to work on the renovation project and to also have a few days off too. I’m resuming my regular weekly posting schedule today and I wanted to start things off with a collection of images from the last two weeks. This has been a combination of those typical grey December days where I’ve needed to put the light on at 1pm and glowing late-afternoon sunsets slinking across the horizon.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in walks where I can, enjoying the lines the bare tree branches trace across the sky at this time of year. Stumbled across the most beautiful Cathedral in a local town (Ripon) when picking up a parcel. Enjoyed a look inside to marvel at the architecture. Untangling my String of Hearts collection is an activity that is taking a while, but I’m getting there!

Photo Diary

If this is the first of my Photo Diary posts you’ve seen, this series is a way of sharing the everyday photos that I snap quite often when going for a walk, or little details I notice at home. This series started off as individual images back in 2019 under the title Ephemera, as a section on my website to share the transient moments I document, as ephemera derives from the Greek ephemeros — meaning ‘lasting only one day, short-lived’.

When I moved last year and during lockdown, I started sharing my walks and daily observations over on my Instagram stories and after such a positive response, I wanted to share a slice of the everyday here on my website too, but as a curated collection of images every few weeks, in ‘photo drop’ style. These are saved under the Photo Diary tab and are collections of my day to day photography that I put together every few weeks or so as a punctuation to the longer form plant care posts. They also have ended up acting like a visual diary of sorts.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from the last few weeks. I wish you all the best for 2022 and thank you so much for visiting the website over the last 12 months. House Plant House will be 6 years old this year and I couldn’t have reached this point without your support, so whether you’ve stumbled across my page recently or are a long-term reader, I really appreciate it!

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